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Where My Brain Is +LOTS OF RAMBLING+

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 23, 2014, 2:32 PM
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Bastille
  • Reading: House of Hades
  • Drinking: water

Heyyy guys!


SO posting a MASSIVE journal to update you all again AND to make sure you guys know what’s going on with me and where my head is at.


You don’t have to read this unless you are curious as to where I’m going with my writing and art in the next year. I’ll be rambling a lot sooo read at your own risk XD (I’m not even joking…)


Monday I planned out my goals and what I should be focusing on.


It took me HOURS to sort through all of my notes and figure out a 1-year, 3-year, AND 5-year plan to try and stick to. As most of you know, I really want to write and publish work eventually and I also want to continue creating art and growing as an artist too – and well, that takes A LOT of planning if I want to get out of my regular day job some day. I’ve got to teach myself to focus (and not let my brain go into multiple different directions like it likes to do) but I also need to teach myself patience. I tend to overwhelm myself because I feel like I’m not doing enough or working fast enough, and then I get scared I’m going to screw something up OR that I’m just wasting my time. I don’t want to feel like that. I want to learn and grow as a writer and artist, and that takes time. Artist’s take HOURS and HOURS to finish pieces and that’s after HOURS and HOURS of practice over the years. And writers usually take a year or MORE just to develop their story and complete a first draft. It takes TIME. What’s important with any artist or writer who are eventually successful is that they hold on to their dream, they work for it (even if it is only a little bit at a time), they draw and/or write nearly EVERY DAY – sometimes only for an hour if they can’t fit in more time, and most importantly successful artists and writers DON’T GIVE UP.


I’ve taken a much needed step back this week, and have decided on several things with where I am right now in my art and writing. I’m proud at what I’ve accomplished so far and I am super excited at the ideas I have stirring in my head, but I’ve put too much pressure on myself in the past. So I’m going to go ahead and tell you guys what I’ll be doing writing and art-wise over the next year, because you guys are so important to me – I want you to know about the decisions I’m making and also to know that when I’m not super active here – I PROMISE I’m still creating (whether it be drawing or writing) EVERY possible day I can (:


ALRIGHT SO HERE’S MY PLAN – From April 2014-April 2015




After I finish Chapter 5 of Falling Stars - I will not be posting anymore writing from my chapter stories – UNLESS I’m giving you guys a sample of my work. I may still post prompts or super short stories and random scenes, but not chapters like I was doing before.


Reason? I need to do some major development and flesh out my stories before I start posting them. Like – with Jude and Robin’s story? I have SO much information set aside for that story, but I have a feeling a lot of what I have is going to be cut or revised, A LOT, and I don’t want to get too far into the story and then realize I have to go back and change a bunch of things. Some of the scenes that have already been written might even need revision later depending on the direction I go with the story as a whole. The basic idea of the story I plan to keep the same, but ALL sorts of little details either need further research, plot filler, or the original idea needs to be tweaked or cut.


This issue is the same way with a lot of my story ideas. I have A LOT of ideas, but they aren’t fully formed. And I don’t want to go posting up stories that are not ready to be posted. I need to get to a point where I have a WHOLE draft written before I begin to even think about posting up or publishing anything.


SO this year – you may not see much more writing, because most of what I will be writing from now until next April will be for my eyes only (and a select few friends who help me with ideas or brainstorming). I’m forming healthy writing, reading, and art habits right now, and that NEEDS to be a focus. I want to write out and actually FINISH rough drafts of story ideas. I want to research and develop my ideas as MUCH as possible, and I want to learn all that I can about writing. I have a bookshelf FULL of writing books I need to get into my head. I’ve already started reading several very good writing books, and I’m already learning! I’m growing into being a REAL writer, who develops and FINISHES writing stories. I’m gaining knowledge in several writing areas and it’s making me more and more excited and inspired the more I learn!


But, I of course don’t want to cut you guys off completely. Even if I’m not posting very much writing the remainder of the year, I still plan on giving you guys information and ART related to the projects I have in development. I need to draw my characters to keep the writing going anyway. It’s both fun and well, it helps me envision them better too (:


AND I plan on trying to update journals regularly, give you character info through profiles and maybe questionnaires, and I’ll also post some summaries so you know what to expect from me. I gotta keep a decent amount of it a secret though of course, since I want to keep you guys curious~~ haha!


BUT TO SUMMARIZE – This year I will be focusing on reading, learning, and gaining knowledge. I will also focus on forming a writing habit that balances with my art, and aim to finish drafts – even if I end up hating them or wanting to change everything by the end. I won’t be someone who never finishes anything. NOT. ANYMORE.


I will not put time limits on myself or release dates when something will be out unless I am 100% sure on it.


This year is just going to be a lot of writing for ME, so later on in the future I can release a lot of writing for EVERYONE.


I gotta stop putting so much pressure on myself. I gotta let myself breathe.


(AND I finally deactivated the SA account today. It was hard. I’m not sure when any of that art and writing will be transferred here or when I’ll do anything with Serenity Academy. It’s still too painful to touch. BUT I had to deactivate that account. I had to let go.)




OKAY ART – haha, as I said I’ll be posting a lot of images that go with the writing projects I’m working on. I plan to do a lot of that! Doodles, sketch dumps, character profiles, meme’s, full colored traditional pictures, and digital art prints!


The commissions I still owe a couple of you I plan to finish up in June/July! I want to hit them full force once this con is out of the way since it’s important to get those finished up asap! (: (I haven’t forgotten about them! I SWEAR!)


AND THEN – I’m planning to try and get full colored digital prints done on a regular basis. My goal will be one a month (alongside one traditional image) and that doesn’t include doodles and random drawings. Since I plan to do more conventions in the future, I need to start completing full colored prints now. Once I get the hang of one digital print a month – I’d like to bump it up to two. (AND when I do that I’ll try and release one original and one fan art piece a month)


This is good practice for me anyway. I need to stay in “convention” mode. Because just like my writing – I have trouble with fully FINISHING art prints. I can’t even tell you how many I’ve started and then… haha… my ADD kicked in and I started on something else and then something else… and so on… SO that’s why I post so many sketches or half-done drawings 8D;;  NOW YOU KNOW~ (not proud of it lol)


I want to kick that habit HARD. SO that’s my art plan for this year (:


SOYEAH. Now you guys know what’s going on in my head. Feel free to ask questions if you need to!!


I’ll be following a specific set of goals every month to try and stay in a good habit and balance out my creativity. I’ll revise my plan and goals at the start of each month as needed.


I just wanted to make sure you all knew that I’m still actively arting and writing – even if weeks go by and you don’t see any updates. One of my greatest fears is being too busy to do creative things, and fade away from DeviantArt like I’ve seen several people do throughout my time here. I don’t want to be that person. I REFUSE to be that person.


I do admit con prep has caused me to semi-ignore DA – which is something I plan on fixing! I’ve been so busy, but I’ll be trying to pop on for 15-20 minutes a day to try and reply to comments, notes, and other stuff. My back log is TERRIFYING haha – BUT I will do my best.


I know I’ve said it before, but you guys mean the world to me. And I don’t think I’d work as hard as I do without your kind words, inspirational comments, and the love you give me. I love all of you guys and adore talking to each of you who I have the honor of calling my friends. Don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing, and hold onto those dreams you have. Whatever makes you happy – FIGHT for it. And remember, if you feel like no one believes in what you are doing – I do.


You guys rock.

Lots of peace, hope, and love to you all!


And if you read all of that… haha… I don’t even know what to say ;w; THANK YOU, you are amaziiiiing!

<3 Marlin


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TheBritishGeek Feb 9, 2014  Student General Artist

You're so sweet.

can we do a trade
Marlin-Rae Feb 9, 2014  Professional General Artist
You're welcome!! You deserved ittt <33

AND we can maybe do a trade when I have some more free time ;w; I'm working on commissions and prepping for a con at the moment. BUT maybe after the con? I'll let you know <33
TheBritishGeek Feb 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Aw, thank you! Now you're making me blush lol.

Ah, just let me know, I'm super excited! X3
Marlin-Rae Feb 28, 2014  Professional General Artist

AND btw -- I haven't replied to your note yet CUZ I have a lot of other notes I've been trying to get through in order ;w; 

I just wanted to let you know so you didn't think I was ignoring you -- I promise I'm nottttt <333
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thank you for watching me > u < !!
Marlin-Rae Feb 2, 2014  Professional General Artist
You're so nice ~ I felt like you would make a good friend (:
wahh!! o////o
i will try my best !! > u <
Marlin-Rae Feb 3, 2014  Professional General Artist
I'm sure you'll do fine <333 (:
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Null-Entity Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Danke for faving ^_^
I want to let you know the art you did for the Hexx comic is up here
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